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Your Easiest Option for Setting Up an NZ SIM Card

If you plan to travel to NZ, a SIM card that can keep you connected to friends, family, or business colleagues is an essential purchase. The alternatives aren't ideal: you'll face either going without the ability to keep in touch with others or a massive bill shock when you return home to discover that you racked up expensive roaming charges across the ditch. That's not the way you should cap off a holiday or even a business trip — in fact, you should be able to return home confident that you aren't going to discover extraordinary charges on your next mobile bill. At, we've created a simple online service for acquiring an easy way to tap into networks such as Skinny in New Zealand. 

What Sets Us Apart in Offering Options for a New Zealand Prepaid SIM?

Why buy from when you need a quick and easy way to preserve your mobile connectivity during your trip to New Zealand? There are several ways we stand out, making us one of the preferred choices for travellers departing from Australia for destinations worldwide. Some of the stand-out aspects of our service include:

  • Our variety. We have SIM cards suitable for a wide range of GSM devices and many destinations. For travellers to New Zealand, we allow you to connect to Skinny, one of NZ's leading wireless providers. 
  • Our customer service. Available via WhatsApp, email, and more, we keep the lines of communication open with our customers. If you have trouble, we'll make every effort to remedy the concern.

With a vast range of options to suit a wide variety of communication needs overseas, can quickly simplify this aspect of your upcoming journey. 

The Benefits of Purchasing a NZ Prepaid SIM

Why purchase one of these cards at all when you're about to travel? In fact, there are so many benefits it is hard to overstate the value of acquiring a prepaid SIM before you board your flight. Here's what you can enjoy:

  • Instant access to talk, text, and data once you arrive and activate your new SIM card — at no extra charge. Because you've already paid for the card, you can begin using it immediately without the need for any additional payment. 
  • Avoid gaps in communication. Whether you need to keep up to date on a project unfolding back at home or you're waiting for an important call, keeping your device active with an international SIM keeps you on the grid. 

What You Should Know About Using a Prepaid SIM Card in New Zealand

Never used a prepaid SIM before? First time travelling abroad? With so many other things to plan and keep track of as you prepare to travel, you might worry that you'll need to spend a lot of time reading manuals and asking questions before you can use your phone or tablet. That's not the case; however, these quick tips should help. 

  • You must have an unlocked phone to take advantage of using an international SIM card. If your GSM device remains carrier locked, your new SIM will not work, and you may continue to generate charges on your home wireless account by using your device. 
  • Remember to turn on roaming after inserting your new SIM card upon arrival in New Zealand. This step is a vital part of activating the SIM card. 
  • Don't lose your home SIM. You will need this when you return to Australia and wish to resume using your regular wireless service. Save time and avoid the hassle of requesting a replacement by keeping your card in a safe place. 

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your New Zealand SIM Card

Want to make sure that you get the most for your money before you purchase a SIM card? No worries — it only makes good sense to ensure that you're getting real value for a tiny chip that you pop into your mobile device. Here's our best advice for making the most of your spend:

  • Consider what you need and how much of it before purchasing a NewZealandtravelSIM. Do you only need talk and text to keep in touch with your loved ones back home? You can save some cash that way — or if you need to remain connected to the web on your mobile device, you can choose to bundle in data. 
  • Remain aware of your usage limits. While you will receive notifications concerning data consumption, for example, you should be careful not to purchase a card that will provide less functionality than what you require. 

Why Trust Us When You Need a NZ Travel SIM?

At, we've put in the hard work necessary behind the scenes to ensure that our customers have a satisfying and seamless operating experience when using our local and international SIM cards. We have tested our cards in their respective regions for responsiveness and signal strength. For those who encounter issues, we're always available to help via WhatsApp or email. Shop now, or contact us with your questions.