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Korea Data Sim Card Has the Korea Data Sim Card for Your Next Trip is well known as the one-stop-shop for travellers looking to use their cell phone while travelling internationally, and as a part of that, we have the Korea data sim card for your next trip to Seoul.

Why Korea Sim Card with Unlimited Data is Cost-Effective

If you have ever made the mistake of turning on international roaming with your cell phone while travelling, you already know how expensive the fees can be. Simply by choosing an international sim card, you are already making a cost-effective choice. Follow these points to save even more:

  • With our large selection of cards from ones specific to Korea as well as Asian and international options for longer trips, we have more than enough options for your overseas excursion. For the budget-minded, pick a card that lasts just long enough for your trip.
  • South Korea is one of the most wired countries in the world, so there are a lot of free Wi-Fi options. Take advantage of these to conserve your data use while visiting the country. 
  • While you are connected to Wi-Fi, you can conserve your voice and message data by using Skype, Google Hangouts or Facetime. Look at your different options to find out the best ones that will enable you to phone home without the phone.

Tips for Getting More Value out of the Korea Sim Card with Unlimited Data

Everyone wants to get the most value out of every dollar they spend, and we are here to help. Just by choosing to use a sim card with unlimited data for your trip to Korea, you are already making a great economical choice. Here are a few tips to help pinch a few more pennies:

  • When you purchase a sim card from us, you have three options for shipping. Those in the Sydney area can pick them up from our Sydney CBD – Townhall location, near QVB. For a small fee, we can put it in Australian Post Express, to get it within 1 or 2 business days. The most economical choice is free through Australia Post Priority, which will arrive within 3 to 4 business days.
  • Make sure that your phone is unlocked and supports the GMS network frequencies used in Korea. If your phone is not unlocked, it will not be able to use a prepaid sim card. Contact your carrier, and they should be able to assist you.
  • Having multiple sim cards can make losing one easy. Save yourself from that costly aggravation with one of our sim card holders. These hold up to five sim cards and are slim enough to carry in your wallet.

Why a Customer Should Use

Our returning customers continue to come to us for their international sim card needs because they know that we have the options to fit their needs and itinerary, regardless of where they are travelling to. With our affordable prices and fast shipping, they know they are getting a good deal as well. If you are going to Korea and want a sim card with unlimited data, contact us today.