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H2O - List of unlimited calls countries

H2O - List of unlimited call countries included. Please see special conditions at the end of this page.

Country Landline Mobile
Andorra  Landline  
Argentina  Landline  
Australia  Landline  
Brazil* Landline  
Bulgaria Landline  
Canada  Landline  
Chile Landline  
China  Landline Mobile
Colombia - Barranquilla & Cali Landline  
Costa Rica  Landline  
Croatia  Landline  
Cyprus  Landline  
Czech Republic  Landline  
Denmark  Landline  
Dominican Republic  Landline  
France  Landline  
Germany  Landline  
Greece  Landline  
Guam  Landline  
Hong Kong  Landline Mobile
Hungary  Landline  
India  Landline Mobile
Indonesia - Bandung  & Jakarta   Landline  
Ireland  Landline  
Israel (Exclude Israel Palestine) Landline Mobile
Italy  Landline  
Japan  Landline  
Malaysia  Landline  
Malta  Landline  
Mexico Landline Mobile
Netherlands  Landline  
New Zealand  Landline  
Norway  Landline  
Pakistan Landline Mobile
Paraguay  Landline  
Peru  Landline  
Poland  Landline  
Portugal  Landline Mobile
Romania  Landline  
Russia  Landline  
Singapore  Landline Mobile
Slovakia  Landline  
Slovenia  Landline  
South Korea  Landline Mobile
Spain  Landline  
Sweden  Landline  
Switzerland  Landline  
Taiwan  Landline  
Thailand  Landline  
United Kingdom  Landline  
Venezuela  Landline

Disclaimer: Please check with H2O on the latest included countries and pricing information

*Calls to Brazil are limited to the following cities listed: (Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Curitiba, Porto Allegre, Rio De janeiro & Sao Paulo)

Unlimited landline calls to 50+ countries; select countries also include unlimited calls to cell phones. Each monthly plan account can dial up to 10 unique international telephone numbers each month, which resets upon the 1st of each month, regardless of plan expiration. Calls to countries other than the U.S. will be terminated at 60 minutes, but you may re-initiate the call thereafter. Does not apply to calls off network/special locations.