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Docomo Travel SIM

Visit Japan With A Docomo Travel SIM

Invest in a Docomo travel SIM to simplify your Japan travelling experience. At, we give you the best online options to choose from, and we ship directly to your door. Take care of your travel plans ahead of time and avoid the last-minute airport SIM purchases. 

The Importance of Docomo Travel SIM Cards

Be responsible and don’t skimp on the essential things. 

  • Reduce your costs: International travel can cost hundreds on your home mobile plan. If you aren’t careful, apps could use extensive amounts of background data without your knowledge and rack up sizeable bills for you to pay when you return home. By investing in specific SIMs for the country you’re visiting, you can significantly reduce costs and make talking to locals simpler. 
  • Unlimited roaming data: Our Japan-based Docomo travel SIM cards all come with unlimited data options to keep you on the web and connected your entire trip. This option means you don’t have to budget out your internet usage or worry about apps eating through your data without realising it. 

Tips for Using Docomo SIM Cards in Japan

Keep this advice in mind to make the most of your experience. 

  • Make sure your phone is “unlocked”: When you initially receive your phone, it is likely “locked” so that you can’t transfer your SIM card willy-nilly. Before you leave the country, you will likely need to take your smartphone to your provider store and have them unlock it. 

Why Cost-Effective

We provide the best travel SIMs for Australian travellers going to an extensive variety of countries. By ordering online ahead of your trip you won’t have to comb the airport for the best deals, you can merely pop in the SIM and be on your way. To keep costs low we provide free 2-4 day Australian tracked shipping so you’ll have it in plenty of time for your trip. Check out our Docomo SIM cards for Japan and get ready for your trip.