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Bali SIM Card

Enjoy Paradise and Your Favourite Apps with a Prepaid Bali SIMCard

As you get ready to head to Indonesia’s most famous island for your trip, make sure you get a Bali SIM card before you leave, so you can keep using all your favourite apps while you’re away. Once you touch down in beautiful Bali, just put your prepaid SIM card into your cell phone to activate, and you’re ready to connect to Google maps, ride-sharing apps, social media, and everything else with your data.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding an Indonesia SIM Card

Bali and the Indonesian islands are popular destinations for Aussies on holiday, but many people don’t think to buy a SIM card before they leave, which would cut down on their costs and provide something invaluable: peace of mind. 

  • If you go on holiday to Bali with your regular Australian telecom provider SIM card, it might still work, but the roaming charges will be astronomical. Even if your company offers an international plan, these do not always work well abroad, and there are often restrictions that make it less useful. When you touch down in Indonesia, you want to be able to use the full functionality of your data without worrying about your bill for that month. 
  • Many people try to buy SIM cards when they get to Indonesia, but we don’t recommend this because the terms and conditions of these plans can be confusing and could lead you to pay for a costly data plan you don’t fully understand. Sometimes providers will restrict their service to individual islands, and it requires a lot of research to make sure you get the right SIM provider for travellers. To avoid adding more to your trip to-do list, it’s much easier to get a prepaid SIM card in Australia before you leave.
  • Other people who travel to Bali and Indonesia think they can get by using Wi-Fi, but they arrive to discover that finding internet connection is not a guarantee and even when there is a free network, it may not be secure. When you purchase a prepaid SIM card that works in Indonesia, you don’t have to worry about trusting unsecured networks with your personal information, and you can continue using the apps you need such as Google maps, ride-sharing platforms, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and whatever else you need to keep in touch and stay safe. 

What Sets Us Apart Regarding the Bali SIM Card

You can simplify your life by purchasing a sim card for your trip to Bali and other islands of Indonesia from a company that knows the ins and outs of telecom networks and will ensure you stay connected wherever you roam with a prepaid data sim. 

  • Check off one more thing on your trip preparation list by ordering your Indonesia sim card online before you leave the country. Make it easy on yourself by paying upfront and knowing you can use your data plan to serve all your connection needs during your holiday. 
  • We ship our SIM cards throughout Australia for free, and they will arrive in your mailbox in just three to four days through AusPost. For expedited service, you can get your card in only one or two days for a small fee, and if you live in Sydney, you can even collect it at a secure location. 
  • With a background in innovative telecom solutions and wireless network connections, we have extensive knowledge of technology and have utilised this to keep our prices low. You benefit by getting affordable prepaid SIM cards with unlimited data plans, so you can use the Internet and your favourite apps while travelling in Indonesia. 

We want travellers to stay safe and enjoy themselves during their travels by providing secure data connection at competitive prices. 

Why an Indonesia SIM Card is Cost-Effective

We offer prepaid SIM cards at affordable prices for Australians traveling to Bali and the rest of Indonesia and provide a wide selection of prepaid SIM cards for the rest of Southeast Asia, Europe and the UK, New Zealand, the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Greater China, the UAE and Russia. Because of our business model and extensive knowledge of telecommunications, we can offer competitively priced SIM cards with a reliable connection. Our company is based in Sydney and operated by, a company known for its innovative telecom engineering solutions to create high-performance wireless networks.

If you have questions about the Indonesia SIM card or any other cards we offer, contact us, and we can provide more information.