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H2O Setup

Please follow these steps when you arrive in USA:

iOS setup

  1. For iOS, once the sim is inserted, it should be setup automatically.
  2. If there is problem going online, please follow the steps below.

Any phone (preferred)

  1. Arrive in USA, connect to WIFI, open
  2. Enter your phone number. H2O will then send you the password
  3. Login using the password, choose the correct phone model and H2O will send you the configuration / profile file to be installed

Android setup

  1. Open Settings > Connections / Network and Internet > Mobile networks > Access Point Names
  2. Add or Edit "H2O APN" with the following information

        Name: H2O APN
        APN: PRODATA
        Username: leave blank
        Password: leave blank

  3. Save, then select "H2O APN" 

H2O helpdesk

  • Please call +1-800-643-4926