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2 Degrees Prepaid

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One of the problems that many people run into when they travel to New Zealand is the exorbitant cost of using their phones, but a 2 degrees prepaid sim card can help. A SIM card is a tiny card found in all mobile phones that contains a chip. This card is what allows your phone to work. When you use a New Zealand prepaid data SIM card, for example, you’re essentially replacing your home country SIM card with a new SIM card from a local carrier in New Zealand – or wherever it is you’re travelling. Along with the actual SIM, you’re also paying for a temporary prepaid plan with the provider. 

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your SIM Card for New Zealand

To have the best possible experience with your New Zealand travel SIM card, see the following tips. 

  • Consider the length of your stay and Wi-Fi availability. Think about how long you’ll be away and whether or not you’ll have Wi-Fi access. 
  • Make a note of your new phone number. When you receive a local SIM card for another country, you’ll have a new phone number to use. Write it down or take a photo of it (or both) and be sure to include the country code. 
  • Purchase a Simcard Holder from us, it is useful for keeping the simcards safe.

Benefits of Using a Data SIM in Dubai and Elsewhere

There are several reasons to switch out your SIM card when you travel:

  • To save money. Buying an international SIM card before you depart will save you a significant amount of money compared to buying a local SIM card in many countries or relying on your current provider and the international plans they offer. 
  • For the sake of convenience. If you’re travelling by car, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to change your SIM card on time when you cross country borders because you won’t have the coverage of the local network in the previous country. This issue is less of a hassle now that there is no European roaming, but it is still a concern in certain places such as Asia and Latin America.

Why Trust Your New Zealand Travel SIM Card

At, we offer a variety of travel SIM cards at competitive prices. We provide exceptional customer service and will deliver your cards fast. You’ll enjoy good coverage and support services as you stay in touch with your friends, family, or business even while abroad. We have a wide selection of SIM cards for many different countries, so contact us today to learn how to avoid high roaming charges and make your trip more affordable.